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It all started with a trip to Wrigley in 2000 for Dad's 60th Birthday to see the Cubs vs. the Dodgers (8/26/2000) ... We also made a pit stop in Cleveland to see the Indians vs. the Oakland A's at "the Jake"(8/24/00) and the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

Brian Wetstein, Ray Wetstein, Artie Gallagher, Chip Howard, Bob Howard, Sean Cleere, & Jim Howard


The Venue

The Combatants

The Date(s)

The Comments

2000 Chicago Cubs vs. Dodgers 8/26/00 Hey Shopper...
2000 Cleveland Indians vs. A's 8/24/00 Statute of Limitations still open
2001 No where n/a n/a couldn't decide where to go
2002 Boston Red Sox vs. Orioles 7/27/02 Err ah, excuse me sir are you a pianist ? No but he is a ...
2003 Baltimore Orioles vs. the Red Sox 8/2/03 And dinner at Morton's too
2003 Aberdeen Ironbirds vs. Cardinals 8/3/03 The Open Air Cafe rocks
2004 Lakewood Blue Claws vs. Legends 7/4/04 BBQ at my house before and after
2005 Brooklyn Cyclones vs. Doubledays  (7/16/05) Bus trip - see it all here
2006 Baltimore Orioles vs. Yankees (9/9/06) Wallet, what wallet ???
2007 No where n/a n/a couldn't decide where to go
2008 Mets / Yankees The Final Year for Shea Stadium and Yankee Stadium 9/13 - 9/14 History in the making
2009 Mets / Yankees      

In 2008 we're looking to see the Mets and Yankees close out their respective stadiums - click on the hyperlink to the see the details !!!

Maybe we'll look into Spring Training Trip for 2009 or beyond...

Click Here for a List of FL Spring Training Teams / Locations

Unofficial Spring Training Schedule




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